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-Orders placed and paid for at night and on the (business) day before 12:00 Amsterdam time, will be shipped the same business day.




A few guidelines of our store policies:

*Part variations:

-We started by diffirentiate the sub-types of certain parts, for example: 3794(without groove) and 3794b(with groove)

-Some colours, parts, have already been checked and seperatly uploaded, not all yet!

-If you encounter a part with message: we do not diffirientiate...... we didnt come to this part yet (we usualy check them if new stock of this part comes in now)

-If you are in need of a certain sub-type, wich we didnt checked yet, send us a message and we will check them for your order!

-When we didnt receive a message on such a part, you can receive this part as one kind or in the mix of subtypes!

*Minimum order amount = 5 euro + 21% Dutch VAT, makes 6.05 euro for EU buyers!

-We dont have a minimum lot average, just buy the parts you need, the minimum order amount is to cover our basic order costs like pakaging and ziplocks.

-We do appreciate it, when you buy a lot of single item lots, to let us know if we can combine lots in ziplocks, otherwise we will pack them seperate always.

*We dont have additional fees, NO packing fees (covered in the minimum order amount) NO Paypal fees and NO extra fees on shipping costs!

-Our shipping prices are also subject of Dutch +21% VAT, for EU buyers only!

*We accept payments via Paypal, IBAN (bank transfer) and PIN (we dont accept cash) when order is collected at our office!

-Payments in Euro only, payments via IBAN or Bank transfer=buyers pay costs when applicable! Paypal payments for orders above 50 euro will be shipped insured!

*Credits/Refunds when we miss items in your order, although rare it does happen :)

-When we miss some parts in your order, we will send a refund prior to shipping, in the refund we mentione in detail wich items are missing!

-We DO NOT send alternative parts, we just send you the exact amount TIMES TWO! paid for those parts back. (missing value of 0.50, you will get 1 euro refund, with a maximum of 10 euro above the missing parts value)

-If your order can be shipped in a lower shipping rate because of the weight of missing items, we will also refund the diffirence in shipping costs!

-When paid via paypal, we will send the refund to your paypal account, including the BO ordernumber, description of parts missing and total value breakdown.

-When paid via IBAN, we will send you an email asking for your bank details, as we dont see all required details in your payment.

*Shipping costs and process, and hopefully a nice feedback when all arrived perfectly! *(check the link below the page: delivery)

**We ship: Letters with PostNL, Parcels Benelux with DHL4YOU, Parcels Europe with DHL, Parcels world with Fedex Economy!

-We are always finetuning the shipping calculator, but it can happen the actual shipping costs are diffirent from the calculator, and paid for!

--If you have paid a less amount then the actual costs, well, your lucky :)

---We will never send you a request to pay for our shipping table misstake, nor do we refund the occasional extra euro paid for shipping!

-As we are a commercial company, we work between monday and friday, from 0900 till 1730, Amsterdam Time!

-We do check emails and questions in the weekends, but not always :)

-Received orders will be picked, packed (invoiced or partly refunded) and shipped after receiving payment, paypal payments are instant, so fast shipping!

-Each working day, PostNL comes at 1700 to collect our shipments, all orders paid on that day before 1600 will ship the same day!

-Weekend sales, in the weekends we receive almost 50% of our weekly orders, so on monday's our response to emails is slow, as we want to ship all paid orders!


Have fun looking in our store!


Team BrickFeverParts

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